DLL #10

Birthday = Fødselsdag

I have to say, this is one of my favorite words. Go ahead and just try and say it. Doesn’t that feel good?

Anyway, the reason this post is here (besides helping me procrastinate on three papers and a test) is that today was Sofus’ 8th birthday! We woke up at 7 AM to sing happy birthday and wave Danish flags (they are into flags here) after which Sofus opened presents while we ate breakfast. Naturally I went back to sleep afterwards. Later that day family and friends came over and ate and celebrated. Unfortunately I have the aformentioned boat-load of work for tomorrow so I wasn’t able to participate in much of it and instead sat in my room seeming incredu=ibly rude and antisocial. On the few occassionas that I did venture out and wasn;t playing with the kids one of the adults would start talking to me about the election. They really wanted to talk about it.

I was there for the cake (which was delicious) and waited for Sofus to blow out the candles after a version of happy birthday that seemed to have abut 6 or 7 verses. It had enough verses that by the end there 8 visible puddles of wax resting on the cake.

That was basically my first Danish birthday celebration. I wish that I was able to be more present, but I still enjoyed myself.

tillykke med fødselsdagen, Sofus! (Happy birthday, Sofus!)