DLL #9

Movie theater = Biografen

Sunday night I went with my host dad and brother to see the new James Bond movie at the local theater. Don’t worry, I won’t review the movie or ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I’l just say that I enjoyed it. It also got me thinking, though not about movies, tropical islands, espionage or anything like that. Instead I realized that this was one of those moments that made me feel like I actually live here. Back in early August, when I was anxiously anticipating my trip, there were a lot of things that I thought I would never do while in Denmark – go to a movie, eat at McDonalds, or watch TV. Why would you do that if you could do that back at home? Three months later I realized that there is nothing wrong with this. Why? Because I live here. Yes, I live here for only four months, and yes, I refer to this as “my vacation” but I do live here. When you live in a place you sometimes do mundane things. Not every night can be spent exploring Danish culture or the streets of Copenhagen. If was in the US I would have gone to see the movie, so why not here?

p.s. Still no McDonalds, though.


5 thoughts on “DLL #9

  1. Question: was there a new Les Mis trailer when you saw Skyfall?? I’ve been waiting forever for a new one, and a lot of sites say that the UK viewings have a Les Mis trailer attached, but not in the US. I was wondering if it was an all-Europe thing.

  2. Hey Riley! I saw Skyfall in Bolivia too! It was pretty great. Was the movie subtitled and the audio in English, or was it dubbed? I saw the subtitled version here.

    I completely agree with you about doing mundane things. It makes everything seem more like life and less like an endless hectic vacation.

    • It was in English with Danish subtitles. Almost everyone in Denmark speaks English so TV shows and movies will switch back and forth here. I take that for granted and forget that is an issue in other places. I’m glad you like the movie.

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