Cooking Class #2 – Brain Food

Everyone (or at least everyone who grew up in my house) knows that brain food is code for fish. As a young boy aspiring to someday be a genius I ate a lot of fish. I never became a genius but I did develop a liking for seafood. In fact, I was really looking forward to coming to Denmark, a place where you are never far from the ocean, and having some good fish. The problem is that before this class I had fish a total of maybe three times. On the night of this cooking class I had four fish dinners. What a great night.

Danish Brain Food

Main Courses and Salads

Colorful Salmon & Cabbage Salad

I really liked this, but salmon might also be my favorite food so that could explain why and it is possible that I liked the salmon simply because it was salmon. There was nothing special in the recipe, at least compared to how mom used to make it. This is “colorful salmon” because it was cooked on a bed of red, yellow, and green peppers. That’s all. I should take this time to mention that Apparently Denmark does produce salmon though I haven’t seen it everywhere. I have seen more lox here than I have in the US. Also, hey look! More cabbage.

Fried Herring & Brussels Sprout Salad

So. Many. Bones. They weren’t like normal bones either. No, they were bones like little hairs. One carefully chosen miniscule bite and there are at least five right there tickling your tongue. This could very well have been the most frustrating meal that I have ever eaten. I’m not a huge salad eater but I did eat much more of the salad than I did herring. The recipe might be fine and this specific fish might have been bad, but either way I couldn’t eat all of it. The salad had almonds, apples, blueberries, and oranges so it all worked out just fine.

Cod Cakes with Remoulade & Bean Salad with Feta

Remoulade is weird. That’s the main message of this section. The other food was fine, but that stuff is strange. Ours had pickled vegetables, yogurt, and curry. I’m not a huge fan.

Fried Smoked Mackerel with Chives & Potato Salad

I think that this was the best, and not just because I made the mackerel. It just tasted good. The mackerel was salty and the diced radish/onion/chives salad was the perfect complement to that. Even the potato salad was unexpectedly good. It wasn’t the typical potato salad with equal parts mayonnaise and potato. Our potato salad had onions and cranberries and mustard and honey and balsamic vinegar. And of course Potato. A big improvement. The real highlight, at least for me, was the mackerel. Yes, it was good, but that is not why I liked it so much. I liked it because it allowed me to finally learn how to de-bone and skin a fish. That’s a start!


Apple Cupcakes

First we need to address that these, all of these “cupcakes” were actually muffins and the woman tricked us when we first started. Cupcakes have frosting, these did not. Once I worked myself past that betrayal I realized that these were pretty good. Apple and cinnamon is always good.

Banana-Walnut-Chocolate Cupcakes Muffins

It was like a banana bread but individually served. I could appreciate the effort that went into them because Denmark does not have chocolate chips and you instead have to cut pieces of chocolate which is a pain and a mess. A delicious mess.

Oat Cupcakes Muffins

Oat cupcakes sound so much better than oat muffins. The name just makes them taste so much better since what you see is what you get.

Blueberry Cupcake Muffin

This is the exact same blueberry muffin that your mom has probably made for you countless times. If she hasn’t, I’m sorry for jumping to that conclusion.

So that is two weeks down. Two weeks was all it took for me to realize that I am never going to be a food critic. Thank goodness we can cross that occupation off the list.


3 thoughts on “Cooking Class #2 – Brain Food

      • Goodie! I am particularly interested in the potato salad and was just telling Peter about the colorful salmon, The potato salad sounds yummy! Actaully, everything did except for the herring! But, that’s just me!

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