DLL #7

Theft = Tyveri

Theft! I’ve been robbed. While my family and I were spending the weekend in Skagen (more to come on that soon, promise) someone came into our house and, along with making a giant mess, took a number of things. I lost a few small things like a an old camera and some cash and one major thing – my computer. In the country that is perceived as a crime free utopia there can only be one explanation: someone is sabotaging my blog. They know how much of a pain it is to peck out letters on the Danish keyboards and are hoping that this connivance will dissuade me. Ha! Fear not loyal readers, I will suffer through the inconvenience to bring you the news from Denmark. Just remember that if there is suddenly less punctuation it is because it isn’t where it should be on this keyboard and I’ve given up looking for it. Also, you can probably forget about a lot of pictures for the moment. I will still be taking them but the loaner computer that DIS lent me does not have a memory card slot and I don’t think the other computer lab ones do either. I will still take them but I won’t be able to get them on here. I guess you’ll just have to wait. The suspense will be great. I’ll describe Berlin and Prague and Skagen to you and your imagination can run wild with my incredibly beautiful and lucid prose and then I will eventually get all of the pictures up and you can look at them. Or maybe you just like my words better. Yea, I bet that’s it.

Anyway, I am working on a solution but I wanted to let you know that things will be even more screwy than before. At least for a little bit.


2 thoughts on “DLL #7

  1. Riley, you might be able to get a cable at a computer store with usb at one end (for the loaner computer) and an appropriate connector at the other end for the usb port on the camera. Probably a different shaped connector at the camera end. Bring along the camera to the computer shop and maybe they can help you. mc

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