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Do you have a question about Denmark? DIS? Host Families or Classes? Comment here and I can answer it in this category. I want to write about things that you want to know about. Otherwise I’ll just end up sporadically writing lengthy posts about whatever I happened to just be doing before I remembered to blog.

So go ahead, ask away. It’s for your own good.



4 thoughts on “Q & A

    • I’m not sure on the Bob Dylan. I’m assuming so. Why not, right?

      As far as food, it seems basically the same as in the US. I eat almost all of my food at home and my bust family eats a lot of pasta and Asian food, basically the same as the US.

      I have heard about other students eating a lot of potatoes, pork, and sausages. My family is healthy so they avoid that type of food.

      Basically I haven;t been exposed to a lot of Danish food, BUT that is all changing in three days when I start my Danish cooking class! I will be sure to post a reply here as soon as I learn more.

      Also, I have a tag for food. So if you search for that then it will take you to any post in which I have posted about food.

      I hoped that helped and I will be posting at least one full post about food soon.

      Thanks, Amy!

  1. Hey. I was wondering–what do you think of the Scandinavian Crime Fiction class? I’m coming to DIS next semester and trying to figure out what classes to take!

    • A question!

      Hi, Greta.

      I feel that SCF can be kind of a mixed bag. When I first got here I was expecting a much closer examination of culture and deciding what is “Scandinavian.” In that regard I was a little let down. However, I think that SCF does offer some of the most interesting readings available at DIS. four or five SCF novels that just make you want to read more, so many of us do. Crime fiction is usually great and interesting but it is a completely different experience sitting at home in bed reading about far off places than it is to ride the train through the pitch black of five in the evening as you drive right past these not so far off places. That is the reason that I took the class and I think that is the reason that the class should be taken. A month and a half ago I was a little disappointed with what we were doing but now I can say that I am really enjoying it. It’s not a difficult course, which at first disappointed me, but then I realized how much there is to do while abroad and how little time I wanted to spend doing any kind of work so I came to appreciate it’s simplicity. The class is a real mix of English majors, minors, and everyone else which offers some different viewpoints and demonstrated that any one can enjoy it regardless of background. If you are interested in having something fun to read, gaining a little insight into the Scandinavian countries, and having a completely reasonable amount of work for study abroad then I would recommend it. If you are looking for something extremely academic and intellectually stimulating then I wouldn’t. But hey, you’re studying abroad.

      I hope this helped. If this leaves you with more specific questions about SCF then please just go ahead and ask. Same goes for anything else having to do with DIS. I like questions.

      Thanks for asking and good luck choosing classes.


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