My Bad

I’ve been in Denmark for 12 days and I’ve written twice. Oops. But here is my justification: I’ve been doing so much in those 12 days that I just wouldn’t know where to start. What would I include? How would I decide what to cut? I don’t want to sell anything short but with so much happening I wouldn’t have a choice. You wouldn’t want to read all of that, right? Of course not. Trust me.

So, to summarize…this week was busy. It was a good week but busy. I don’t want to leave you with nothing so I will do a very small day by day summary (give or take a few days).

Monday August 20 (Orientation)

  • Learned that my train line into Copenhagen is under construction until late September. To avoid getting lost on my first day, my host dad came in with me  and we met more students on the train.
  • Went window shopping for food in Denmark to acquaint ourselves with the Kroner. Yes, I learned the value of the Kroner but more importantly I learned that I won’t be eating out very often in the next four months. Things are expensive.

Tuesday August 21 (Orientation)

  • More orientation
  • Some wandering around
  • Feeling sore

Wednesday August 22 (Orientation)

  • Feeling really sore
  • Of course, I was sore from wandering so what did we do? Wander around Copenhagen in the DIS Amazing Race. This was actually a great time. I saw more of Copenhagen, I learned a little bit of history that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and I met my professor for my class on Russia. All of that was great  but I think that just getting out and seeing the city was one of my favorite parts.
  • The DIS activities and Immersion fair was ok. There are some really interesting opportunities. Traditional Danish dance, I don’t even know what that is. The real highlight was free hotdog. Hotdogs here come in little baguettes instead of buns. Sounds delicious, right? Yea, unfortunately they also come with remoulade sauce. Bummer.

Thursday August 23 (Class)

  • First day of class. I can’t get into too much detail.

Weekend August 25/26

  • I did a lot during the weekend. Can’t afford to waste time! But the most exciting thing I did was purchase my student membership at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which is just down the street. For 125 DKK I can go anytime I like. I can even just go to read on the lawn overlooking the sea or relax by the lake. Not a bad deal. My timing for getting this pass was planned to coincide with the Louisiana Literature Festival. I bought my pass and then promptly ran through the museum to see Jeffrey Eugenides speak alongside Jonathan Safran Foer. Two great American authors not only all the way over in Denmark, but also only minutes from my house! That’s something I didn’t expect. After that I spent a couple of hours wandering the museum until my mind couldn’t take anymore information and I left vowing to come back (I already have).

That’s all you get for now. Not even a picture.

At some point I going to have to get better at making decisions about what should and shouldn’t be included, and I promise that I will, but for now I am more focused on enjoying myself. And that’s what I am doing.



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