Riley’s Classes 101

After three exhausting days of crisscrossing Copenhagen by foot, bus, and rail, I am still alive. I am exhausted, but alive. And happy. Really happy. And even though schoolwork is one of the furthest things from my mind, the readings that I have keep reminding me that it exists and I feel a duty to update you with what I will be studying. School is starting tomorrow so it seems fitting. And besides, I promised substance so here it is…substance!

European Business Strategy: Case Studies

This is my core course. Honestly, I thought that my core course should be related to my major (it doesn’t). That really was the reason. Since then I have looked over the syllabus along with what is planned for both the long and short study tours and I can say that I really am excited now! We will be studying the European business climate, meaning the way such a closely knit community relates to one another economically and the impact that such different cultures, viewpoints, and political opinions/decisions can impact industries so far away from the origin country. That’s interesting, and I am sure it’s educational and well-taught, but could really be done anywhere. The International Business program, like all DIS programs, is very focused on practicality and out of the classroom learning.That’s where the program get’s really cool.

The IB program’s focus on practicality is similar in some ways to the Business Leadership Program at my home University, the University of Puget Sound. At UPS we have a mentor, a professional that we can go to learn about the “real world,” and at DIS we spend a whole semester as a class working on a project for a real Danish company. I am fairly certain that my company is THE Danish brewer, Carlsberg. I am excited to work for any Danish company but I think I am more interested in making friends jealous of the fact that I worked on a project for them. The idea of having something real to be working on and adding to continuously sounds really interesting to me.

The other thing that I am REALLY excited about is the study tour. Actually, study tours. I go to Jutland with my class for three days. Many of the Danes I have met in Copenhagen seem to have described it similarly to how I imagine New Yorkers describe Alabama. So that should be interesting. Later I will spend one week split between Berlin, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to do this program and I am pumped. Whether in Berlin, Prague, or Jutland I will be meeting with local business as well as leaders of national business located in these areas. Again, a lot of hand on learning. This whole experience is so much more than a classroom.

Creative Travel Writing

I’m doing this for you, ALL for you! Well, not really. A couple of months ago I saw this class and it seemed like a good idea. I mean, I like to travel but between my terrible memory and my almost constant inability to allow information from my mind to leave my lips coherently, it is almost impossible to convey a that I have ever even left my house. But things do seem different when I write. It’s not great, but it is certainly better. I want to be able to use that to convey my experiences to you as we go through these four months. Also, I plan to travel a lot more and it would be a shame if no one ever understood any of it.

Scandinavian Crime Fiction

How can an area with one of the worlds lowest rates of violent crime produce a genre that is so incredibly violent, much less do it so convincingly? Isn’t that like the pope writing a romance novel? It just shouldn’t work. But it does and people eat it up. The main questions are why do people like it, and why is it so good? With this class I will try to find answers and also see use the novels as a lens with which to view the welfare state, equality, and Scandinavian lifestyles.

Plus, it just seemed really cool to be riding the train through the snow reading about people and places I can’t pronounce but can easily visit.

Danish Language and Culture

I am living in Denmark/Danmark (See, I am already learning) for four months so why wouldn’t I want to feel at least a little bit less like a tourist. I will get to learn a little bit of the language as well as what it means to be Danish. There isn’t much more to say other than that I am excited.

Dynamic Project Leadership

Ok, this one is a bit weird. I honestly don’t know much about it other than that it is based on the Kaospilots, a strange three-year business school in Denmark. I wanted to take it because it was really something so incredibly Danish that I could not find it anywhere else in the world. I know very little about the school or this course but after looking through my “textbook” filled with bright pictures, stories, and swearwords, I am very excited to learn what it means. Once I figure it out I hope to be writing about it multiple times in the future.

Russia Past and Present

This course is worth one-third of the credit as all of the above courses, which, when translated to UPS credits means much less than nothing. Despite that I am still dragging my butt out of bed around 6 every Tuesday and Thursday for eight weeks to go to class. Why? Because I get to go to Russia! I don’t know if you are aware but Russia can be pretty tough to get into and is not necessarily the most accessible  once/if you do get in so I jumped at this opportunity.

This is an eight week elective class which culminates in a week-long to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novgorod. In preparation for the trip I will be learning about history, literature, culture, art, and one class period on the cyrillic alphabet and Russian Language. A real crash course.

So, those are my classes. I know I wrote a lot but I actually didn’t write all that I could have. I hope to have more updates on each of the classes as I learn more and more about them. If you are curious about any of them please let me know on here or via email. Thanks for reading.



1 thought on “Riley’s Classes 101

  1. Riley, this sounds so neat! It makes ME wants to be there, dragging my ass out of bed pre-dawn and heading to class! Enjoy every moment! We love you…

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