These past few days, my last days in the US, have been slipping by. As excited as I am I have also been in denial. Just a little bit. Also busy. Very busy. The busy is self explanatory. It takes a lot of preparation to leave the country for four months, and of course  it is even more preparation when you do it all in the final week. The denial is harder to explain. I won’t try. It’s about time this blog had some real substance about Denmark and not just my thoughts and whining. So, I’ll just summarize by saying that I am lucky to have had my great job, which ended today, and even more lucky to have great friends all over the country who have slowly been saying their goodbyes over the past week. Thank you all, for everything.

Departure in about 24 hours. The piles on my floor have somehow been condensed into suitcases. My life is packed. I’m exhausted and anxious. It’s bedtime.

The next time you read my words, they will be coming to you from Denmark. How cool is that.

Thank you all. Take care of the US while I am gone.




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